Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today I discovered something that I never knew about myself.
Something quite amazing, that can rarely be found in anyone else.

It happened when Kak Lina and I were on our way to this one launch event at KLCC.
We were at Jalan Ipoh. You know, the all-the-time-packed road. 

I was speeding at 30km/h when I had to stop at the traffic light. (I think the word "speed" is offended by the way I'm using it in this context but whatever. I do feel like offending the word "speed" today, so whatever. Do I look like I care, "speed"?!)

Anyway, back to the amazing discovery about myself.
There was a woman waiting to cross the street. So I stopped the car before her.

She hesitated, not sure what to do. So she just stood there.

And then... I raised my hand, and waved it to the side. My oh my... SHE MOVED! She walked and crossed the street!

That's when I discovered that I have the ability to make people before me cross the street by using my hand! It's like magic. Uh huh. 
It was the most awesome moment today.

The End.

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