Friday, June 24, 2011

the professional me

Assalamualaikum and hi people.

God, I am super tired, it should be illegal.
Work will never leave me alone. It follows me home. The only way to get rid of it is to marry someone who would let me be a housewife. But wait.. if i were a housewife, my home IS my work station! Urgh... guess I'll never get rid of it.

So today at work, when I got back to the office from my meeting with client around 8.30pm, I checked my email.
There were like 10 unread emails and 1 of it was an email from our COO.

Apparently a few people are required to write a professional bio along with a professional picture.
And I am one of the few selected people, of course. I was like "Shoot! I am bad at this."

Honestly, I'm bad at "selling" myself. I perform bad during interviews.
Interviewer: So tell us what you're good at.
Me: Hurm... I wouldn't say I'm good.. but... I can type without looking at the keyboard? not good.. boleh la tahan. takde la terrer sangat. kadang-kadang tu ada gak typo error. tapi kadang-kadang la.
And I'd lose the interviewer at "keyboard?"

Well anyway, now I'm thinking what the hell am I gonna write?? Let's try it out here, shall we?

Hanis Hashim, 27 years old (but people think I'm 22! wohooo!!)

Born on 4th July 1984, Hanis shares birthday with big celebrities like Will Smith who reminds her of her brother Akir who loves to draw and watches Will Smith movies.

She graduated from UiTM Shah Alam, with a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication (Advertising), where she made a lot of friends and stayed in a rent house with Eryn, Fuzan, Mimie and Lily who had once played UNO when they had a big exam tomorrow (Dasar-dasar tak sedar diri). She could still remember the time when it was her turn to put her card, one of her friends Eryn looked at her and said "Jalan". Immediately she stood up, and walked around the circle.

Hanis believes that experience is the best teacher. Although Hanis' experience in advertising has only been 4 years, she has been exposed to experiences that a person with 20 years experience in advertising might not have. She learned that motorbikes can't go into the Smart Tunnel and that she should not assume something that looks like candy is... candy. She also learned that offering "candy" to the owner of a company is not advisable and frowned upon. She also...

Wait.. what am I writing again?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

aku dan micheal bay

Assalamualaikum and hellooooooo people!

Ok, this was way back when I was at Spencer Azizul doing my internship (again).
I discovered what I wanted to do for a living. Check it out.

Sometime in 2008...

Today I had a new spirit. For once, I was so sure what I wanted to do for a living. It was no longer advertising. It was film making.

It all began this morning, when I arrived at the office, and nobody was around. I remembered that I wanted to view Micheal Bay’s profile because I admired the work of this Transformer’s director. This was when I came across his official website – micheal bay dot com. Believe me, it was very inspirational.

I loved movies. And I loved what’s happening behind the scene. I admired the director’s powerful imagination and skill. So, excitingly I read his profile and the story of his life. This was part of it:

“When I was 12 or 13, I used to make these very elaborate train sets in my bedroom. I just loved going into my imagination and making stories about the little fake town and creating my own little disasters. It was very elaborate; detailed mountains, mom-and-pop stores, houses, trees, golf courses. The idea was to make it as realistic as I could get it. I remember one time my parents came into my room to have a serious talk, you know. I was spending too much time locked away with my train sets, and they wanted me to get outside more. I actually made my first movie about one of my train sets. I was doing some glue fires and the buildings caught on fire, and that caught the drapes on fire. I put most of it out, but it kind of wrecked my room. I was grounded for three weeks.”

Mr. Bay remembered his mother's visit to the "Pearl Harbor" set in Mexico, the same huge water tank where James Cameron filmed much of "Titanic." On the set, Mr. Bay and his team had constructed portions of Battleship Row, the central cluster of military vessels that were hit by Japanese bombers on Dec. 7, 1941.

"The crew had put up this director's chair for her and put a sign on it that said `Mom,' " Mr. Bay said."And she came and sat down and looked around, and it was all really just massive. And she said, `Oh, it kind of looks like your train set, only bigger.' "

After I read this, I grew to admire him even more. And I so wanted to be part of it. I wanted to be part of the crew! So I went to Hairil, my internship partner and told him my new ambition.

“Hairil… aku dah tau aku nak keje ape..,” I said, walking in his department. Well, not his department, actually. He just coincidently appointed to sit there and because he was the only person to be in that huge room, he felt like he was the CEO of the agency. (Hairil tolong jangan libas aku)

He made a what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about look to me. Then I replied with my do-not-make-me-repeat-myself look to him. After a few seconds of digesting the information, he opened his mouth, “So, ape yang ko nak sedih-sedih ni?”

Then I was like, did he digest the information right?

“Ape ko ni? Aku kate aku dah tau aku nak keje ape la,” I said.

“Iyelah aku tau la, gile. (that’s what we call each other) so if ko dah tau ko nak keje kat mana, you should be happy la. Tak payah susah-susah cari keje lagi,” he replied. Still maintaining that look.

Then I threw him a you-certainly-did-not-digest-the-information-right expression and said, “Sape kate aku dapat keje. Aku kate aku tau nak keje ape la bengong! Apela susah sangat nak cakap dengan ko ni?? Semput aku tau.”

“Owh… I thought you kata you dah tau you nak keje ape tu maksudnye you dah tau you dapat keje kat mane. Ha, ape ko nak keje?” he said, glancing at his computer.

“Itula ko. Cakap dengan ko selalu buat aku semput. Information yang sebaris boleh jadi lapan belas baris dengan ko tau tak,” I continued.

“Cepat-cepat-cepat. Jangan nak membebel di sini. Cepat la gile ko nak keje ape??”

Then I paused and saw Hairil waiting patiently for my answer.

“Aku nak keje dengan MICHEAL BAY!!!!” I said, in a sad but slightly excited tone voice.

And slowly, I saw the expression on Hairil’s face changing. He looked like a murderer who just found his long-lost enemy and needed to kill his enemy right away. And the enemy was me! And when he opened his mouth, “KO NI MEMANG MEMBUANG MASA AKU KAN! AKU PUNYELAH SERIOUS NAK DENGAR, KO MEMAIN DENGAN AKU YE! AWAS KO!"

“La… I was being serious! Aku nak keja dengan Micheal Bay~! keje buat air pun jadilah… huhu… Hairil.. nak keje dengan Micheal Bay…,” I said, making a sympathetic face.

Unfortunately, he was not fooled by my so-called sympathetic face and said, “Suka hati ko lah. Malas aku nak layan.”

Only after that, I realized that I could never work with Micheal Bay.

The End.

the 30-second crush

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome people.

Ok this time I wanna share you a story that happened a few years back when I was doing my internship at Spencer Azizul Advertising. (masa zaman muda-muda la nih)

Di suatu petang yang tak brapa panas...

I was writing something when Hairil came to my desk, asking whether he could print something from my PC. So I moved away and headed to the restroom.

10 minutes later, I came out, finding myself amazed by a cute guy. Who’s he? He’s not familiar. Definitely not from this office. He was wearing a uniform with “Pest Control” label. Yeah, definitely not from this office. I acted cool, walking straight to my desk.

Hairil came to me, showing me an action note that he wrote, asking me if it was ok. I looked at it but all I could see was that guy’s face! And all I could read was “He’s so cute, he’s so cute”! I couldn’t hold it any longer. I must share this! I looked at Hairil, trying to make eye contact with him. Now is the time to improve my non-verbal, speaking-with-my-eyes skill.

So I said (using my eyes) ~ “look at that guy. He’s cute!”

Hairil looked at me with a confused face. Well he certainly did not attend the speaking-with-your-eyes class! So I had to use my speaking-with-my-head skill instead. I pointed my head to that guy’s direction. If my head could speak, it would say “look at that guy you moron!”

Thankfully, Hairil attended the speaking-with-your-head class and understood what I was trying to tell. So he looked at that guy, who was doing his job at my department. After he had done with the ‘pest-controlling’, he walked passed us, and I could feel my heart stopped beating. After that, he vanished from our sight. Why does the brand department have to be so damn small??? Why couldn’t it be like the size of the football field so that I could spend more time looking at his cute (yet macho) face??!!

After I made sure he was far enough to hear me talk, I said to Hairil, “Cute kan?”

“A’ah. Sangat,” Hairil replied. We both giggled like two ‘gedik’ internship partners.

“Macam Johnny Depp kan?” I said, remembering his face.

Oh why oh why did he has to be from some place else? Why didn’t he work here, sitting beside my desk? Or he could sit at MY desk and I could stand all day beside him. I don’t mind standing. Well, unless my feet hurt.

“Yesss! Sangat! Aku dah macam nak kata tadi kat ko,” Hairil said enthusiastically. For a moment there I thought – is it me or YOU who’s admiring him??

I smiled and said, “Macam Johnny Depp tu… gile handsome. Haha.”

Thank God he didn’t look like Jake Gyllenhaal. If he looked anything like Jake (my dream hunk), I would have terminated my internship at SpencerAzizul Advertising and continue doing internship at his Pest Control place instead. So thankfully, I didn’t have to go through that process.

So, yeah, the guy was that cute. Johnny Depp kinda cute. Then I thought, you are so damn handsome, you should be modeling or acting! Here you are, working at a Pest Control place, where no one could appreciate your Johnny Depp looks! It’s such a waste.. that handsome face should be mass communicated. Seriously.

Oh, FYI, HE was my 30 seconds crush. The cute ‘Pest Control’ guy. And by the time I finished writing this, I’ve already forgotten how he really looked like.

- The End -

thank you

Assalamualaikum and hello to those who are reading (well, obviously).

I've been looking forward to "something" these past few weeks.
I've been praying hard for it. I've been praying to Allah that if it was the best for me, please let me have it. I prayed for it every single day.

And today, Allah has answered my prayers. The answer was NO, NOT THIS TIME.
I took it hard. Quite hard. I felt like I lost it. I felt like it was taken from me, just like that.
I cried, even though deep down I know that He has better plans for me. I truly believe that. But as human being, I couldn't help but feel sad and frustrated over losing something I wanted to so bad.

However, despite whatever happened to me today, I am thankful to Allah for so many other things that He has given me.
As soon as I shared the news with my family and friends, they were there for me, telling me that Allah had better plans for me, and that everything was going to be ok.

One of them even called me right away and managed to make me make a joke (it's amazing how I can still joke around when I'm at my worst). So yeah.

Their words of encouragement and comfort showed that I have not lost anything, because I got everything I ever need - Great, loving family and friends.

I am so thankful to Allah, to have all of you in my life.
I could never image my life without you.

Thank YOU.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hello people!

Last year when Raya was approaching, we were asked to share some ideas for Raya campaigns. I thought.. hurm.. this might be an area I'm good at (take note of the word "MIGHT"), and what the heck, I'd give it a try.

So I gave it a very deep thought. What would the target audience be attracted to, or most importantly - RELATE to. So I used my personal experience as an inspiration. Aaaaaand here it is.

When it comes to Raya, we always, always come across these common Raya images/icons - ketupat, rendang, kuih, duit raya, salam-salaman, baju baru,
BUT, there are things/scenarios which happen during Raya that people don't realise. Scenarios that almost all Malays can relate to.

Difficult things become easy when it's Raya - share a bed with your fat cousin, wake up at 5.00am in the morning just to skip the hassle of fighting over the bathroom or spend an hour to look for your slipper after Raya prayer.

You don't mind going through all that, because it is that time of the year to be happy, thankful and blessed. (And to forgive the one who stole your brand-new Raya shoes at the mosque and to forgive yourself for bringing it in the first place)

So these are some scenarios that I can relate to.
Scenario #1: Sleeping beramai-ramai in the hall because there are just not enough rooms in grandpa's house.
Imagine thin, short, tall, fat, not too fat, not too tall cousins on top of one another, sleeping in the hall.
And the ad reads: It's that time of the year again. Selamat Hari Raya.

Scenario #2: Lining up to take a bath because there's only one bathroom in grandpa's house.
Imagine thin, short, tall, fat, not too fat, not too tall cousins and uncles in their towels, and aunts in their kaftan waiting in front of the bathroom.
And the ad reads: It's that time of the year again. Selamat Hari Raya.

Scenario #3: Slippers and shoes piling up in front of the mosque (for Raya prayer)
Imagine slippers, boots, high heels, technically all kinds of shoes you can find piling up in front of the mosque.
The ad reads the same thing.

Visually on print, it'd be nice in illustration ala Lat's.

I think when it comes to Raya ads, you have to show something that is very close to your audience's hearts. Something they can relate to, something they are familiar with, something that some times, they take for granted. Remind them to be thankful for what they had, and what they have.

Back to the idea - well, it didn't get executed.
Maybe I'll take this proposal to Petronas. Or Keropok Mony. Start small.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

strategic planning 1

for those of you who wants to work in advertising, please equip yourself with a lot of patience and strategic planning skills (like me), because you will surely face this situation.

we always have to print out the ads, mount it (in layman term "lekat ataih kadbod") and bring it over to our client's office for their approval (in my client's case, particularly).
and like many clients in this world, there will be 10,000 rounds of changes to the ads before they're approved and go to printing.

- More vibrant colours
- Enlarge our logo!
- Put in telephone no on the billboard (even though people don't have time to take down the number while they're driving)
- Logo too large now. Reduce the size.
- Shift the headline to the left.
- (Half an hour later) Shift the headline to the right.
- Make the logo not too big, not too small.

and today, we had to make the 10,001th revision - "MAKE THE HEADLINE BIGGER"

So on our way back to the office, we were discussing on what to do next etc.

Boss: after we revise the visual, do we have to print out again? i'm scared they're gonna scrabble on it and make more changes.

Me: we print out, and laminate it.

see how strategic my planning is?

Friday, June 10, 2011

i'm invisible

Assalamualaikum wbt

I have a question.
When it comes to work, do you like it when people don't notice you? Doesn't that make you feel invisible?

Usually I don't mind not being noticed. Well, I am a very shy and quiet person...(No, let me finish)...with someone I hardly know. Especially those up in higher management level - andsincethesoapincidentwithdatukidecidednottominglewiththehighmagemeentlevelpersonanymoredoesthismakeyoureyestwistedi'msureitdoes -
BUT, I think I've changed. I don't like it when my client don't notice me and make me feel invisible.
Check out what happened yesterday.

From: Hanis Hashim
To: Esmail Tukang Paip (Bukan nama sebenar)
Subject: Paip rumah tingkat ataih pecah (bukan subject sebenar)

Dear En. Esmail,
Please find attached visuals for your approval.
Kindly get back to us by today.


Esmail Tukang Paip (Bukan nama sebenar)
To: Hanis Hashim
Paip rumah tingkat ataih pecah (bukan subject sebenar)

Dear Lina,
Attached is our comments on the visuals.


From: Hanis Hashim
Esmail Tukang Paip (Bukan nama sebenar)
Subject: Paip rumah tingkat ataih pecah (bukan subject sebenar)

Dear En.
The attachment is missing. Appreciate if you could resend it.


Esmail Tukang Paip (Bukan nama sebenar)
To: Hanis Hashim
Paip rumah tingkat ataih pecah (bukan subject sebenar)

Dear Lina,
Resending the attachment.

Thank you.

From: Hanis Hashim
Esmail Tukang Paip (Bukan nama sebenar)
Subject: Paip rumah tingkat ataih pecah (bukan subject sebenar)

En. Esmail,

well, of course i didn't hit the send button of the last email :p
hantar dalam hati je.

should i send him a packet of soap instead?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

aku dan pokok bunga mak tok

Semoga kalian semua berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera dan dirahmati Allah swt :)

when i was young (not that i'm not now), i wondered why mak tok didn't prefer to let ME do the housework.
then i recall this one incident, that might've had something to do with mak tok's decision to not trust me with the housework anymore.

di suatu petang yang hening di sebuah kampung bernama..... DHOBY GHAUT.

"Hang ni kan anis, petang-petang ni cuba la keluaq pi sapu keliling rumah, depan rumah apa semua," mak tok said. she was lying on her bed, watching tv.

"Dah sapu dah la mak tok," aku jawab dengan muka selamba, pastu sambung tgk tv. i can't remember what show it was, but i was like, really watching it.

"Pi siram pokok pulak," she said again.
mak tok had A LOT of pokok-pokok bunga. bunga kertaih la, bunga jarum la, pokok jambu ayaq la, isk mcm-mcm la. dh macam nursery rumah kami dulu. she LOVED all her pokok bunga. jaga pagi petang. boh baja, siram air. she really took good care of em.

"Sat la mak tok.. sat masa iklan anis p," aku menjawab. Dulu kalau nak buat apapun masa tgk tv, buat masa iklan. buat ayaq, basuh cawan, potong buah, buat kuih ketayap (ni pemohong la), semua buat masa, iklan. who would've thought i'd end up in advertising, huh?

so anyway, back to the story.
apabila iklan menjelma, aku pn kelam kabut la lari keluaq p cari paip getah.
paip getah tu punya panjang, kalau aku tarik boleh sampai pasar malam hospital pulau pinang tu. pegang-pegang, bersimpul pulak dh. ha elok la, masa aku nak cepat la hang nak bersimpui getah oiiii. aku pn cepat2 la bg tak bersimpui smp tangan aku pulak rs bersimpui (otak aku pn bersimpui tulih ayat nih).

tak lama kemudian, tadaa! okeh, paip getah sudah ok, so aku bukak la paip air. bukak bagi deraih sket, cepat sket siap siram.

tak dan 2 minit, siap semua pokok aku siram. fuh.. bangga aku dengan diri sendiri. efficient aku ni rupanya dr muda lagi (again, not tht i'm old now). so lepaih tu aku pn masuk la rumah teketaq-ketaq nak tgk tv balik.

mak tok looked at me, "aik? dh habih dh?"


"semua pokok siram? yang kecik2 tu pn siram?" mak tok menyoal siasat. maybe she shud've put a light bulb above my head. br rs cm interrogation betoi punya.

"dah, mak tok ku sayang... pokok besaq, pokok kecik, pokok rumah mak aji, rumah tok teh tu pn anis siram."

tak lama kemudian, mak tok bangun dr katil.

"mak tok nak p mana?" now the light bulb was above her head.

"nak p rumah mak nah sat," dia jawab, sambil amik tudung dan keluar.

tak lama kemudian, aku dikejutkan dengan suara nyaring mak tok dari luar....


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

self torture


i don't understand why i like to torture myself.
like today, i was super sleepy at work and it was around 4 something. the only thing i had in mind was - 'i am soo gonna sleep at 10 tonight.'

turned out, went to wns' place, had koay teow tom yam and pudding custard. talked, laughed, i ended up going home at 11 something.

then i turned on my laptop... aaaand i'm up til now.
i feel like i need to spend time for ME, do things that I wanna do, that I enjoy. this is like the only time i got! even if i am soo tired, i'd force myself. i'm forcing myself right now writing this!

so if you ask me what's the time now, i'd say, "It's 10pm. In my world."

good night peeps.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the guy on the card

i found this namecard on my table one morning, with someone's handwriting "xoxo. hanis, you shd call him! :p"

i wondered who could tht person be (the one who left the card, not the one ON the card). so i investigated and that investigation led me to a girl named davina chan.

i interrogated her (by "interrogated" i mean "asked her nicely") about the guy on the card. she denied that she was the one who put it there. but of course, i could SMELL lies. so i went back to my place and decided to interrogate her until she breaks.

check it out.

From: Hanis Hashim

To: Davina Chan

Subject: ......

Is he cute? Like me? :p

From: Davina Chan

To: Hanis Hashim

Subject: ......

Oh my goodness don't you have any work???

I'm dying here and you keep bugging me about a namecard I have nothing to do with!

From: Hanis Hashim

To: Davina Chan

Subject: ......

U can stop the act now ok davina. Or i'll take your sharpener away!

*she was sharpening her pencil when i was interrogating her. she looked happy*

After a few rounds of interrogation, she decided to cave. she admitted that it was her, and that guy was her bf's friend.

that guy is her age, which of course, much younger than me.

From: Davina Chan

To: Hanis Hashim

Subject: ......

Oh btw did I mention that...

*there was an attachment. a picture of that guy appearing in the Amazing Race Asia*

From: Hanis Hashim

To: Davina Chan

Subject: ......

(i'm just gonna copy paste your email to me)

Oh my goodness don't you have any work???

I'm dying here and you keep bugging me about a guy who's younger than me??!

*the end*

aku, dia dan mamat kedai runcit

td singgah di kedai runcit dekat dengan rumah aku. beli coke and ais :p masa tengah bayaq kat kaunter tu, aku senyum la kat mamat yang selalu jaga kaunter tu.. dia pun senyum kat aku balik..

sekali aku terperasan ada mamat yang HANDSOME tahap wajib jd bf aku ada tepi aku dok beratoq nak bayaq!!

aku pn la tu la jugak subtly pebetoi tudung, tarik idung bagi mancung sket, tarik bulu mata bagi melentik sket, pastu menjeling ke arah mamat tu.

dia sebelah mata pn tak pandang aku. mungkin dia tak nampak aku di situ. kalau dia nampak, mesti dia dah mintak no tepon aku. (ya, aku mmg suka berangan).

anyway, sambung balik. then, masa dia keluaq dr kedai, mata aku dengan automaticnya mengikut pergerakan mamat tersebut. dalam hati "huish.. handsomenya... isk2..."

sekali mamat kaunter sudah kata, "takkan tengok kat luar je."

eh, terasa ke mamat sorang ni?

"ha la... lain kali aku tak tengok luaq aih.. aku tgk hang ja. botoi coke jatuh ka, ais beteraboq ka, masa aku kutip tu aku tak pandang coke dengan ais tu, aku pandang muka hang ja tak lepaih."well, instead of saying that, aku sengeh ja. ^^

then aku pandang keluaq balik! mamat HANDSOME tahap wajib jd bf aku tu, dok bejalan ke arah sebuah MyVi orange (yang macam Norli punya tu, tp no plat lain la).

sekali, ada sorang pompuan dok tunggu dia dalam keta tu..

tiba2... aku terdengar sayup2 background music dalam kepala otak aku...

"panggilan haji.. telah tiba lagiiii... menunaikan ibadah.."

eh, salah lagu..

"hancur hatiku.. mengenang dikau.. menjadi keping-keping setelah kau pergi..."

sob sob!!!

me and my new stool

Assalamualaikum and hello, people!

i'd like to share with you a story, a story that i will never forget for the rest of my life. and i name this story.."aku dan stool baruku" (you'll know why)

at work, our Group Executive Chairman, who we all call datuk, always walk around, to see and say hi to everyone.

for the record, i am a VERY SHY woman. i don't know how to talk. well i know how to talk, tp nak bersembang dengan someone at that level - not my expertise. so usually i just "observe" how others greet and create small talk with him.

bila datang kat aku je, he will nicely smile and say hi. and i say, "hi datuk." and that's it.

so one day, i got this new stool from IKEA which i bought for RM12.90 (i know that the price is not relevant but i'm just sharing it in case you are looking for a new stool). so i bought a stool, so that anyone can come to my desk and have a sit to you know, discuss about work and mostly to just talk nonsense.

one day, afia (my dear ex colleague) was talking to me. i think we were discussing about what to have for lunch. then, datuk came, so afia greeted him and started to talk to him. feeling left out, i greeted datuk too with a smiley face yang tak boleh blah.

"Hi datuk!" i said with the biggest smile on my face.

"Hi, how are you?" datuk said.

"I'm good, thanks! come, sit on my new stool," i said, trying to go "further"

"Oh, ok," he said, and sat on the stool. (no, the stool didn't break)

"I feel like i'm seeing a doctor," he said, smiling.

then, for a moment aku tak tau nak cakap apa. ok what should i do or talk about? BEN10? Hantu Kak Limah? not relevant, not relevant! think Anis, think!

then i remembered, selalu ada ja orang offer dia something to eat. chocolate la, candy la. aku teringat someone left a packet of candy on my table during Christmas, so ok la. boleh offer candy to datuk.

"datuk, come, have some candy. someone gave it to me during Christmas," aku offer, and aku pn actually tak pernah rasa lagi gula-gula tu. so boleh la merasa bersama-sama. (konon)

"or you sure? can ar?" he said.

"can..," kira habis baik and bagus la aku nih.

then datuk pn amik la satu gula-gula.. aku pn amik satu. kira sama-sama nak try la nih.

and kami dua pn gigit la candy tu, lepaih tu luah balik! and i heard datuk said, "This is not candy, this is SOAP!"

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suddenly a vision of me in a very deep shit flashed out and i also saw afia's eyes were about to pop out.

then he quickly ran to his office to get rid of the soap, duh!

then aku pn lari ke bathroom to wash off rasa sabun tu.

"OMG, OMG.. aku bagi datuk makan SABUN!! of all people, why DATUK??!! Ya Allah.. rasanya Jakel nak pakai orang lagi ka??? tak juai kain pn tak pala, tukang gunting kain pn jadi la... uwaaaa!!!" tu yang berlegar-legar di fikiran aku masa tengah basuh mulut aku.

when i came back, i was going to his office to apologize and tell him that i had NO IDEA that THAT was SOAP! it really, really looked like candy!! then aku baru ja nak pi office dia, i saw him coming back.

OMG.. aku nak kena pecat dh.. Jakel, you better give me a JOB!!

then he said, "did you wash your mouth or not?"...while smiling.

well, seeing him smile was a big relief! "yes... datuk, i am SO SORRY!!! i didn't know that it was soap!" masa ni rasa nak amik marton hempuk kat kepala.

"it really looked like candy, huh." he said. and then we started to laugh.

My God.. nasib baik he was in a good mood and cool about it. if not, mmg kat Facebook ni hampa nnt tengok aku promote kain-kain Jakel je la.

The End.