Friday, June 24, 2011

the professional me

Assalamualaikum and hi people.

God, I am super tired, it should be illegal.
Work will never leave me alone. It follows me home. The only way to get rid of it is to marry someone who would let me be a housewife. But wait.. if i were a housewife, my home IS my work station! Urgh... guess I'll never get rid of it.

So today at work, when I got back to the office from my meeting with client around 8.30pm, I checked my email.
There were like 10 unread emails and 1 of it was an email from our COO.

Apparently a few people are required to write a professional bio along with a professional picture.
And I am one of the few selected people, of course. I was like "Shoot! I am bad at this."

Honestly, I'm bad at "selling" myself. I perform bad during interviews.
Interviewer: So tell us what you're good at.
Me: Hurm... I wouldn't say I'm good.. but... I can type without looking at the keyboard? not good.. boleh la tahan. takde la terrer sangat. kadang-kadang tu ada gak typo error. tapi kadang-kadang la.
And I'd lose the interviewer at "keyboard?"

Well anyway, now I'm thinking what the hell am I gonna write?? Let's try it out here, shall we?

Hanis Hashim, 27 years old (but people think I'm 22! wohooo!!)

Born on 4th July 1984, Hanis shares birthday with big celebrities like Will Smith who reminds her of her brother Akir who loves to draw and watches Will Smith movies.

She graduated from UiTM Shah Alam, with a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication (Advertising), where she made a lot of friends and stayed in a rent house with Eryn, Fuzan, Mimie and Lily who had once played UNO when they had a big exam tomorrow (Dasar-dasar tak sedar diri). She could still remember the time when it was her turn to put her card, one of her friends Eryn looked at her and said "Jalan". Immediately she stood up, and walked around the circle.

Hanis believes that experience is the best teacher. Although Hanis' experience in advertising has only been 4 years, she has been exposed to experiences that a person with 20 years experience in advertising might not have. She learned that motorbikes can't go into the Smart Tunnel and that she should not assume something that looks like candy is... candy. She also learned that offering "candy" to the owner of a company is not advisable and frowned upon. She also...

Wait.. what am I writing again?

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