Wednesday, June 8, 2011

self torture


i don't understand why i like to torture myself.
like today, i was super sleepy at work and it was around 4 something. the only thing i had in mind was - 'i am soo gonna sleep at 10 tonight.'

turned out, went to wns' place, had koay teow tom yam and pudding custard. talked, laughed, i ended up going home at 11 something.

then i turned on my laptop... aaaand i'm up til now.
i feel like i need to spend time for ME, do things that I wanna do, that I enjoy. this is like the only time i got! even if i am soo tired, i'd force myself. i'm forcing myself right now writing this!

so if you ask me what's the time now, i'd say, "It's 10pm. In my world."

good night peeps.


  1. ni acik bedah oi...cemane tak balik lewat..hang kn belasah sampai 5 mangkok puding wakakakka saje bg depa baca nih... (by the way, i love u love my puding hehehehe :)) -wns

  2. huahuahua... i'd walk half the world for your pudding :p (ok i'm a bit exaggerating) but i do LOVE your pudding ^^ thanks dear :)