Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the 30-second crush

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome people.

Ok this time I wanna share you a story that happened a few years back when I was doing my internship at Spencer Azizul Advertising. (masa zaman muda-muda la nih)

Di suatu petang yang tak brapa panas...

I was writing something when Hairil came to my desk, asking whether he could print something from my PC. So I moved away and headed to the restroom.

10 minutes later, I came out, finding myself amazed by a cute guy. Who’s he? He’s not familiar. Definitely not from this office. He was wearing a uniform with “Pest Control” label. Yeah, definitely not from this office. I acted cool, walking straight to my desk.

Hairil came to me, showing me an action note that he wrote, asking me if it was ok. I looked at it but all I could see was that guy’s face! And all I could read was “He’s so cute, he’s so cute”! I couldn’t hold it any longer. I must share this! I looked at Hairil, trying to make eye contact with him. Now is the time to improve my non-verbal, speaking-with-my-eyes skill.

So I said (using my eyes) ~ “look at that guy. He’s cute!”

Hairil looked at me with a confused face. Well he certainly did not attend the speaking-with-your-eyes class! So I had to use my speaking-with-my-head skill instead. I pointed my head to that guy’s direction. If my head could speak, it would say “look at that guy you moron!”

Thankfully, Hairil attended the speaking-with-your-head class and understood what I was trying to tell. So he looked at that guy, who was doing his job at my department. After he had done with the ‘pest-controlling’, he walked passed us, and I could feel my heart stopped beating. After that, he vanished from our sight. Why does the brand department have to be so damn small??? Why couldn’t it be like the size of the football field so that I could spend more time looking at his cute (yet macho) face??!!

After I made sure he was far enough to hear me talk, I said to Hairil, “Cute kan?”

“A’ah. Sangat,” Hairil replied. We both giggled like two ‘gedik’ internship partners.

“Macam Johnny Depp kan?” I said, remembering his face.

Oh why oh why did he has to be from some place else? Why didn’t he work here, sitting beside my desk? Or he could sit at MY desk and I could stand all day beside him. I don’t mind standing. Well, unless my feet hurt.

“Yesss! Sangat! Aku dah macam nak kata tadi kat ko,” Hairil said enthusiastically. For a moment there I thought – is it me or YOU who’s admiring him??

I smiled and said, “Macam Johnny Depp tu… gile handsome. Haha.”

Thank God he didn’t look like Jake Gyllenhaal. If he looked anything like Jake (my dream hunk), I would have terminated my internship at SpencerAzizul Advertising and continue doing internship at his Pest Control place instead. So thankfully, I didn’t have to go through that process.

So, yeah, the guy was that cute. Johnny Depp kinda cute. Then I thought, you are so damn handsome, you should be modeling or acting! Here you are, working at a Pest Control place, where no one could appreciate your Johnny Depp looks! It’s such a waste.. that handsome face should be mass communicated. Seriously.

Oh, FYI, HE was my 30 seconds crush. The cute ‘Pest Control’ guy. And by the time I finished writing this, I’ve already forgotten how he really looked like.

- The End -

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