Tuesday, June 7, 2011

me and my new stool

Assalamualaikum and hello, people!

i'd like to share with you a story, a story that i will never forget for the rest of my life. and i name this story.."aku dan stool baruku" (you'll know why)

at work, our Group Executive Chairman, who we all call datuk, always walk around, to see and say hi to everyone.

for the record, i am a VERY SHY woman. i don't know how to talk. well i know how to talk, tp nak bersembang dengan someone at that level - not my expertise. so usually i just "observe" how others greet and create small talk with him.

bila datang kat aku je, he will nicely smile and say hi. and i say, "hi datuk." and that's it.

so one day, i got this new stool from IKEA which i bought for RM12.90 (i know that the price is not relevant but i'm just sharing it in case you are looking for a new stool). so i bought a stool, so that anyone can come to my desk and have a sit to you know, discuss about work and mostly to just talk nonsense.

one day, afia (my dear ex colleague) was talking to me. i think we were discussing about what to have for lunch. then, datuk came, so afia greeted him and started to talk to him. feeling left out, i greeted datuk too with a smiley face yang tak boleh blah.

"Hi datuk!" i said with the biggest smile on my face.

"Hi, how are you?" datuk said.

"I'm good, thanks! come, sit on my new stool," i said, trying to go "further"

"Oh, ok," he said, and sat on the stool. (no, the stool didn't break)

"I feel like i'm seeing a doctor," he said, smiling.

then, for a moment aku tak tau nak cakap apa. ok what should i do or talk about? BEN10? Hantu Kak Limah? not relevant, not relevant! think Anis, think!

then i remembered, selalu ada ja orang offer dia something to eat. chocolate la, candy la. aku teringat someone left a packet of candy on my table during Christmas, so ok la. boleh offer candy to datuk.

"datuk, come, have some candy. someone gave it to me during Christmas," aku offer, and aku pn actually tak pernah rasa lagi gula-gula tu. so boleh la merasa bersama-sama. (konon)

"or you sure? can ar?" he said.

"can..," kira habis baik and bagus la aku nih.

then datuk pn amik la satu gula-gula.. aku pn amik satu. kira sama-sama nak try la nih.

and kami dua pn gigit la candy tu, lepaih tu luah balik! and i heard datuk said, "This is not candy, this is SOAP!"

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suddenly a vision of me in a very deep shit flashed out and i also saw afia's eyes were about to pop out.

then he quickly ran to his office to get rid of the soap, duh!

then aku pn lari ke bathroom to wash off rasa sabun tu.

"OMG, OMG.. aku bagi datuk makan SABUN!! of all people, why DATUK??!! Ya Allah.. rasanya Jakel nak pakai orang lagi ka??? tak juai kain pn tak pala, tukang gunting kain pn jadi la... uwaaaa!!!" tu yang berlegar-legar di fikiran aku masa tengah basuh mulut aku.

when i came back, i was going to his office to apologize and tell him that i had NO IDEA that THAT was SOAP! it really, really looked like candy!! then aku baru ja nak pi office dia, i saw him coming back.

OMG.. aku nak kena pecat dh.. Jakel, you better give me a JOB!!

then he said, "did you wash your mouth or not?"...while smiling.

well, seeing him smile was a big relief! "yes... datuk, i am SO SORRY!!! i didn't know that it was soap!" masa ni rasa nak amik marton hempuk kat kepala.

"it really looked like candy, huh." he said. and then we started to laugh.

My God.. nasib baik he was in a good mood and cool about it. if not, mmg kat Facebook ni hampa nnt tengok aku promote kain-kain Jakel je la.

The End.


  1. Aku baca post ni jenuh tahan nak gelak kat ofis... kalau sengsorang dah habis pecah gelak dah... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. tu hg tak tgk aku crita secara live. tahap boleh gelak kuaq ayaq mata punya.

  3. beb, i just showed rebit this blog and he laughed out loud, rolling**...hhahahahaha..-wns

  4. ada ka hang p bagi datuk tu makan sabun.... LOL - XXXIDB

  5. wns: suh laki hang follow blog aku sama. more to come. hahaha
    xxxidb, sila perkenalkan diri anda :) hehe

  6. hahahahahhaha... don't u know whose XXXIDB? kemon kemon... hahahahahahaha

  7. woi hang ka azli oi... camna la aku boleh tak perasan???!! hahahahahaha

  8. I had to read this following your entry 25 Dec... OMG, laughed till nak nangis kay and my colleagues all dah annoyed by me laughing like gila :P - Diyana