Tuesday, June 14, 2011

strategic planning 1

for those of you who wants to work in advertising, please equip yourself with a lot of patience and strategic planning skills (like me), because you will surely face this situation.

we always have to print out the ads, mount it (in layman term "lekat ataih kadbod") and bring it over to our client's office for their approval (in my client's case, particularly).
and like many clients in this world, there will be 10,000 rounds of changes to the ads before they're approved and go to printing.

- More vibrant colours
- Enlarge our logo!
- Put in telephone no on the billboard (even though people don't have time to take down the number while they're driving)
- Logo too large now. Reduce the size.
- Shift the headline to the left.
- (Half an hour later) Shift the headline to the right.
- Make the logo not too big, not too small.

and today, we had to make the 10,001th revision - "MAKE THE HEADLINE BIGGER"

So on our way back to the office, we were discussing on what to do next etc.

Boss: after we revise the visual, do we have to print out again? i'm scared they're gonna scrabble on it and make more changes.

Me: we print out, and laminate it.

see how strategic my planning is?

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