Tuesday, July 13, 2010


gosh i took me 10 times to start my first sentence!
ok... so now i have a blog... now what?

what do bloggers do, actually? actually i've never read (well, not never. that'd be a lie)... RARELY read blogs. because i hate reading. so what do bloggers do?

ok, possible stuff that bloggers do:
1. eat
2. sleep
3. bath
4. mengadap laptop or pc dan sewaktu dengannya
5. hang out with friends
6. watch jake gyllenhaal's movies
7. recently fell in love with iker casillas
8. missing the world cup and can't wait for another 4 years.

hey that's easy. i am, like, fulfill all criteria! awesome!
can't wait to start my life as a not-very-active blogger! :D

see ya in my next post!

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