Monday, September 26, 2011


It was 8am in the morning, and I was on my way with 6 other colleagues, to do an outdoor activity in Chiang Mai. I was so excited and couldn't wait to do it since my usual "outdoor activity" back home are stuff like walking to the car, walking out from the car and into the office, or.... oh yes! going to pasar malam. But this, this could be the wildest thing I was gonna do so far.

After one an a half hours of journey, we reached there. A sign board reads "JUNGLE FLIGHT". Yes, for
someone who is scared (the shit) of heights, it was a crazy idea. But then I thought - Why not? I wanted to remember this trip so let's do something craaaaaazy!

So after they put the necessary equipment on us, we headed to the jungle.
My colleagues looked all pro in their outdoor gear - khaki shorts, sports shoes. I looked at myself - jeans, flip flo
ps. I repeat, FLIP FLOPS. They looked at me, then my flip flops, giving me a weird look. I nonchalantly said to them, "This is how the locals do it."

After a few minutes of walking into the woods, we arrived at the first station.


We were standing on a wooden platform, probably about 30 - 40 meters above the ground. I saw the cable connected to the next platform, about 30 meters long. Then I made the biggest mistake. Yes, I looked down! I tried to keep calm, since everybody else was. Smile, Anis...Smile. Look cool. You need to show them how the locals do it!
"Ok, my name is Char. I will be your guide today, with someone-whose-name-i-forgot-so-lets-call-him Kevin. Today, we going to do Plan A, where there are 22 flight stations and 2 free drops..."


Then he continued briefing us, "This bamboo stick for brakes, in case you go fast. We tell you 'bre
ak!', then you break. Hook it to the cable."
Ok sounded manageable.

"Okay, you go first," Char said, looking at one of my colleagues.

My jaw dropped seeing her fly across the platforms. My legs were shaking so much I could've brought down the entire platform with me. I couldn't do this. I really couldn't! I didn't know what I was thinking!

Then Char looked at me, and said something that sounded like a death sentence "Your turn."

I turned to my colleagues.

"You can do this, Hanis! You can do this! Don't be scared, it's nothing!" Yes, that's what they said, after seeing no colour in my face.
Char started to set up for my "flight", while I was doing whatever I could to keep calm. I tried to imagine Jake Gyllenhaal down there to catch me. Didn't work. I tried to imagine a huge cotton candy at the bottom waiting for me to fall on its soft and bouncy surface. Didn't work.

"Ok, ready?" Char asked, looking at me and smiling. I felt like punching that smile away.

"Bismillahirahmanirahim" I whispered, and saying it a thousand times in my heart.
I looked at him, nodded, and in a split second, he pushed me off the platform and

And as I was going closer to the other platform, I heard Kevin yelled "BRAKE!!"
I reached the bamboo stick, then SHIT! How do I brake? How do I brake when I'm
going so fastttt?!! OMG my flip flops are gonna fall! I just bought these can't lose them! Hold tight hold tight!!!


That's how the locals do it.

The first station. Char briefing us on how to do it while I'm shaking the platform off.

It really was a HAPPY ENDING. It really was the wildest experience I've had so far. For those who love outdoor activities, Jungle Flight in Chiang Mai Thailand should be in your list! Believe me, you won't regret it.

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