Wednesday, September 7, 2011


One day I received a message from a non-Malay, non-smoking friend, asking about the Malay Wedding. Apparently he received an invitation and was pretty nervous about the dos and donts of a Malay Wedding.

So this was the conversation in my Facebook inbox.

"The Non-Malay, Non-Smoking Friend"
Subject: malay wedding 101. information needed.

Yo looser.
Got a malay wedding to go. Apparently it's like a party in the house and then a dinner and function 2 days later.
What is the processes, what I should do, are there certain wedding gifts to bring/don't bring, what are the taboos. what to wear?

Subject: RE: malay wedding 101. information needed.

Hi bigger loooser!
Good to hear from you :D

Here's a list of taboo:
1. Don't bring alcohol
2. Don't give alcohol
3. Don't consume alcohol
4. You are allowed to bring a girlfriend but DON'T MAKE OUT during the kenduri.
5. You can wear anything except for women's clothes, swimming trunk, boxers only, sleeveless t-shirt, go topless or bottomless or your over sized warden uniform which I gave. Better if you could wear Baju Melayu with songkok (the one you put on your head) and a sampin (the one you wrap around your waist on top of the Baju Melayu).
6. Other than alcohol and pork, you are free to give any gifts. Recommended to give household stuff like glassware. If you have no idea what to get, just get an IKEA voucher.

Did I make it clear enough for him?
I hope I did.


  1. Very loud n clear... I think i knw which looser is this!