Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hi guys!
I just wanna share this awesome video by DiGi. It's called "Dear Malaysians".

How often do we say sorry to our loved ones, even a stranger?
I mean do we even realise that what we do in everyday life might have hurt some people in some ways?
And even if we do, do we care?
Do we even care that we hurt these people?

The answer is simple.
If you care enough, you will make an effort.
If you care enough, you will put aside all your ego, and do what is right.
If you care enough, "sorry" will not be the hardest thing to say.

Say sorry for driving recklessly on the road.
Say sorry for not spending enough time with your parents.

Say sorry to our Harimau Malaya football team for not supporting them all this while.

This is what the video is about.
Saying sorry to our loved ones and fellow Malaysians, who, most of the time, we take for granted.

Start saying sorry. Be a bigger person.

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