Saturday, March 31, 2012


I was very lucky to have been involved in Astro Bella launch campaign some time in February.
FYI Astro Bella is a new telenovela channel on Mustika Package. So if you're a sucker for telenovela, go subscribe that package NOW! (Astro, please give me 5 ringgit for promoting this, thank you.)

Anyway, back to the campaign.

You know how dramatic and over the top telenovelas are, right? Hero curang dengan maknya sayoq la, bapak mertua jatuh cinta dengan orang gaji la, mak ada scandal dengan drebar la. Macam-macam kejutan, semuanya drama gila. I get brain twisted thinking about it alone. So yeah, that was the idea for the campaign. HIDUP INI PENUH DRAMA. You get soooo dramatic, even over the little things.

I guess the best thing about working on this campaign is how much I could relate to the whole idea.
I admit it, I am a drama queen. Exaggerations, over-the-top facial and verbal expressions are in ME. It is so me that I strongly think that the definition of exaggeration should be changed to "Nurisfahanis Hashim".

I mean, come on, we all need a little drama in our life, right? It adds flavours and colours to your life. No? Well, at least it does in mine.

We launched the campaign with a full-page ad. The scenario was everybody getting dramatic over a broken egg at a hypermarket. We spent half-day at the hypermarket shooting stacks of eggs and an egg alone. No talents, nothing. Only eggs. I called it a celebrity egg, and I named it Ramona. At the end, they broke Ramona into two. And I was sad. *sniff*

After that, there was this follow-up ad, a different scenario showing how dramatic people can be over a teenie weeny sauce stain.

I was at the photo shoot, making sure that we get the best shots, the talents give the expressions that we want, stuff like that. (I wanted to upload the behind-the-scene video but it kept turning out as "error" once I uploaded it. Stupid technology! x( <-- see how drama I can get?)

Anyhow, shooting this was a bit like shooting a TV commercial. They had to really act it out for the photographer to capture the expressions. I was just laughing all the way looking at each of the talent's expressions. It was so much fun.

But then... while we were looking at the shots taken, Alan (the photographer) pointed something in the picture and said, "Here is empty, not very nice...."

Then I nodded, and said, "Yeah, it's not really nice like that, huh. It'd be good if we have someone to sit there."

Then Alan looked at me. I looked at him.
And I was like "Ooooh I am not liking the look he's giving me!"

Just as I expected, he said, "You go sit there, can?"

"You mean I have to sit only, or act dramatic like the rest?" Then I heard myself said that, and realised how stupid I sounded. Before he could register how stupid that question was to his brain, I continued, "Ok, I'll act it out as good as I can!"

So this is how the ad turned out to be.
See that oh-so-drama face on the left, having a tembikai juice alone like a loser? Yeah, that's me.


  1. Test test..
    Helo miss drama queen..
    Wei hg bkn sentiasa drama ka tak kira lokasi...