Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what happened in Redang. No, no. What REALLY happened in Redang: Part 1

Kak Lina and I were in our room in Laguna Redang Island, Terengganu. 
We're here for work (yeah, right). No, seriously, we are here for work. 


So anyway, I was going to take a shower when I heard Kak Lina said, "OMG! My werewolf is in this movie!" 

Then I asked, "Sapa?" 

"Ala... I forgot his name. That guy from Twilight tu," Kak Lina answered. 

"Oh... His name is Lily's occupation," I said. 

Kak Lina looked confused. "What? I don't understand..." 

Oh my... Usually she would get this right away. What happened? Did the sea do this to her?!

I repeated, loudly and clearly, "His name is LI-LY'S OC-CU-PA-TION!"

"What....?" still looking confused. Yup, I think it's the sea. 

"What does Lily do? You remember Lily right???" 

"Lily, the tailor?" 

"Yeah!" I said, preparing to laugh with her. 

"What? I don't get it," she said, looking 10 times more confused. 

"OMG! TAILOR (Taylor)!" I just lost it. Well, can you blame me?! 

"OH MY GOD! I was thinking What Lily's occupation? Is that like a group or something? OH MY GOD! hahahaha," she said, laughing on the bed. 

"Who would name a group 'Lily's occupation', anyway?!" I said, and headed to the shower. 

But wait.... it IS kinda cool to name a group Lily's Occupation! 

- to be continued -


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