Saturday, June 2, 2012


I had a dream the other day. 

At first when I woke up, I couldn't remember what it was. When I turned to the nightstand, I saw a framed picture of arwah mak tok and I, and my tears started to fill my eyes. 

I dreamed of mak tok. 

We were at the lawn of a kampung house surrounded by a lot of trees. So many that I could hardly see the sky. 
I was sweeping the leaves, clearing the lawn, just like how I used to do every evening back in our house in Dhoby Ghaut. Mak tok just stood there, looking at what I was doing. She seemed so at peace, in her kain batik and baju kedah. I remember her smiling at me.

And that was it. That was what I could remember.

My faith convinced me that mak tok is at a better place. 
She is doing fine, she is at peace. Only Allah knows how happy I am to know that. 

But the fact that I miss her so much started to make me cry.
While reciting Al-Fatihah for her, tears just wouldn't stop streaming down my face.

In my heart I prayed, "Ya Allah, thank You for making me see mak tok again. You know what's in my heart and You have granted my prayers. Please rest my mak tok in peace, Ya Rahman. Please let her know that she is never forgotten and that she is deeply missed. Please let us meet each other again in the hereafter, Ya Allah. Ameen, Ya Rabbal'alamin.."

Mak tok, I'll see you again in my dreams. 


Maher Zain - So Soon

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  1. Ameeen...praying the same thing for my mom.