Saturday, October 13, 2012

10 Things I Should Not Do When Riding Motorcycle (but I do it anyway)

  1. Day dreaming (which I’m soo damn good at)
  2. Listening to the radio (because ‘Fafau’ and ‘FBI’ crack me up and simply because it is so damn bored riding a 45-minutes journey listening to the sound of the engine)
  3. Glancing at Volkswagen Golf (it’s too beautiful~~)
  4. Singing (well, I don’t really sing but when it comes to my fav song, sometimes I feel like singing along and that’s when all the dusts from the streets, cars, other motorcycles, buses, lorries, go into my mouth.)
  5. Wearing make up (I’m not really a make up kinda girl but when I’m in the mood, I’ll spend some time to put some on. Then, here comes the rain and there goes my make up. Damn!)
  6. Wearing lipstick (again, the dusts. By the time I get to the office, instead the color of pink, I get the color of black on my lips)
  7. Yawning (again, the dusts)
  8. Passing at the corner (I know it’s dangerous, but, hear me out. When you come across a guy riding at 20km/h, would you wait??? If I run, I’d still be faster that him. I haven’t got all day for God’s sake. I’m late for work!)
  9. Forget to check the side mirror (I do look at it from time to time but there’s a time when I just checked it and all of a sudden this maniac passed me like a hurricane! I could have a heart attack if this happened everyday!)
  10. Sneezing (do you realize that everytime you sneeze, your eyes will automatically close itself? So my friend suggested – pull over if you feel like sneezing. It’s like “I need to stop to sneeze!”)

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