Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Blessings of Our Loved Ones

Recently, I went through something that got me really excited.
Something that I have always been praying for and waiting for. I pray for it every single day, in every single solah that I make.

Not only me, my beloved ones were all excited for me.
In fact, they were all more excited than I did!

However, the thing that got me excited did not end the way I expected and hoped it would be. To be honest, I was sad. I was frustrated. And so did everyone else. I thought I was so close, because everything went so well.

I felt down for a few days.
And then when I reflected on this incident, it hit me.

Sometimes Allah did not make something we want, happen to us because He wants to show us something even greater.

In my case, this incident showed me how much my family and my friends love me. Their prayers, their effort, their enthusiastic, their support, showed me how deep their love is for me. How much they want good things to happen to me. How much they want to see me happy.
I am overwhelmed with their love. I am overwhelmed with Allah's great blessings for me - my family and my friends.

And I realized that this incident is just like a drop of an ink in the ocean.
It is nothing compared to the blessings that Allah has given me. He has blessed me with Islam, with good family, good friends, good life.

I am overwhelmed with Allah's love.

O Allah, please grant me a grateful heart. Please bless my family and friends, and grant them great rewards in the akhirah for the love that they have for me.
Ameen Ya Rabb.

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