Sunday, December 25, 2011


"Ya Allah sejuknya!!" I said once I stepped into the apartment, almost wanted to jump on my client, Nina (bukan nama sebenar) who was there with me. Then I thought... nah.. we're not THAT close yet. Give it another year.

I walked to the balcony, admiring the beautiful scenery of Cameron Highlands.
Yes, we were at Cameron Highlands for a photo shoot, people! And it had been a while since I was here. I think the last time I was here was like, more than 10 years ago. So it was good to be back, to get some fresh air.
And a good escape to clear my mind.

After we were briefed about tomorrow's shoot, we all said good night and headed to bed.

Around 6.30am the next morning, we went down to get some breakfast. Just a little... I didn't have appetite to e
at that early. I mean I just had some pancakes, chicken sausages, some bread, beef bacon, and some more pancakes, I think. Not much.. just a little.

*clear throat* hurm.. ok, that was when we met Shahir, a 6 year-old boy talent for the ad. OMG, he was SO cute. SO handsome. If only he was 24 years older. Yeah, these are the kind of guys I'm attracted to. It's either they're too young, or too old, or not attracted to me at all. Story of my life.

Anyway, Shahir seemed to be moody that morning. I was quite worried that he could not pull it off during the shoot. So, since I have always been good with kids, I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. I started to create a conversation with him.

"How old are you?" I asked.
No answer. Didn't even look at me. No, no. Didn't even look at the area surrounding me.

"Are you hungry?" I asked again.
Still so quiet that I could hear his breath.

"Are you sleepy?" I tried again.
No answer. He seemed annoyed a little. I don't blame him.

Then it hit me. Get him to play a game! And we are in the year of 2011, where children don't play galah panjang, buaya-buaya, batu seremban or kahwin-kahwin (my favourite, by the way) anymore. They play Angry Birds.

So I took out my phone and handed it to him. "You wanna play Angry Birds?"
He looked at me, smiled, reached out his hand and nodded. We became best buddies a few minutes after that.

See, told you I was good with kids.

After breakfast, we headed to the location - the tea plantation.
Subhanallah.. the view was awesome. I could stay there forever *cough* iftheyhavegoodinternetconnection.

Actually, before we came to the location, we were all worried that the weather was going to be a challenge. But, thank Allah, He brought us sunshine that morning.
It was so beautiful. It was perfect.

The man talent for the ad was Peter Davis. He was the dad and Shahir was the son. They really looked like real father and son. Both are gorgeously gorgeous, and both are professionals! Within 2 hours, we called it a wrap. Peter and Shahir were truly awesome. That's the good thing working with professionals. They know what they need to do, and they deliver it perfectly. Made everybody's job easier.

It was time to go back to the apartment.
We all went into the van which brought us there. It was a Mercedes, 14-seater van. Yeah, it was huge!
Shahir and his mom were sitting in the front row seat, me and Nina in the second row and Peter was behind us.
While we were heading down, Peter mentioned something about soap. Then I remembered the incident where I gave soap to
Datuk. (those who have no idea please refer to "me and my new stool" entry and you'll know what happened)

So I told him and Nina the story "...bla bla bla bla....then I offered Datuk a candy and he took it. And then we ate it together at once, and then he spit it out and said 'THIS IS NOT CANDY THIS IS SOAP!' and I was like 'SHIT'!"

Nina looked at me in horror and said, "No way you're coming near my kid!"
I was like, why? What's wrong? What did I say...? Oh shit! OMG I just said "shit" in front of a 6 year-old kid?! Ok, damage control time, Anis!

I quickly went to Shahir and asked, "You didn't hear I said 'SHIT', did you?"

Yeah, that's how good I am with kids.

Shahir playing some serious Angry Birds before getting ready for the shoot.

Me and Peter Davis the night before the shoot.
We went to the night market and I was freezing my a** out. So I stopped at every stall that was frying food. I needed the heat.

Peter getting some final touch up before the shoot.

Me and Nina having a photo shoot of our own.

Just look at this. If you need to escape from the city, from the stress at work, go to Cameron Highlands.
Sit here, get in touch with mother nature, clear your mind.
We have it all in Malaysia. Go travel!

Working time. They were doing this for 2 hours. Shahir was saying "Yay" for the entire time.
I don't think he'll ever say "Yay" again.

Awww... me and Shahir. Isn't he cute? I would so recommend him. He's a very talented young boy.

Me demonstrating how the "locals" pluck the tea leaves. The face is... whenever there's sunlight.

*Disclaimer: The last question to Shahir only happened in my head. But saying the 'S' word in front of him was real. ACCIDENTALLY saying.


  1. oh.. he'll never say 'yay' again.. but there's a new word he can shout all the time..

    iklan nih something to do with perasa teh ke?

  2. Yeah thanks to me, right??
    We shot this for Tourism Malaysia :)