Friday, December 16, 2011


"Where's Kak Lina ni..." I whispered to myself. We just finished a meeting and had some discussion with the clients at their office in Putrajaya. I was dealing with Norlia (bukan nama sebenar), while Kak Lina was settling some other problems with...errr... Sapiah (bukan nama sebenar).

Suddenly I saw Kak Lina. "Hanis, we can't go just yet. I have to simplify these letters. Just need to write it down, no need to reprint. Can you help me?" she asked.

Me being the ultimate helper *cough* suck up, immediately said "YES!". Then I saw the amount of papers. Oooook..... Nak lari pun dah terlambat, so I sat down, looking at the points we needed to write on those letters.

As I was writing, I thought wow.. I haven't been writing in a while! It felt awkward, actually. And my handwriting is getting unbelievably hideous. Hideous pun tak hideous macam handwriting aku. That's how hideous my handwriting is.

While I was busy finishing my third letter, suddenly Kak Lina looked at a letter that I've written and said, "You are very close to people."

I stopped writing, looked at Kak Lina and said, "What??"

"Ni ha, your handwriting ni.. it says you're close to people. Your handwriting says a lot about you, you know. So does your signature."

"Really? You can analyse handwritings and signatures?? That is so cool!"

She nodded. "Yup, my dad used to have this book about handwriting and how to "read" it," then she looked at the letter
again, continued to analyse.

"You are not very open-minded..."
"Yup, true... on certain things..."

"You are shy..."
"YES I am. But not shy enough to be running into the glass wall at client's office in a foreign country..."

"You are optimistic..."
"I do think I will marry Ryan Gosling..."

"You are secretive. You don't show who you really are. THIS (while pointing her finger at me) is all staged!"
I looked at her with narrowed eyes and said, "No I am not! I'm very transparent! What you see is who I really am!"
"Are you sure??" she asked sambil senyum-senyum kambing.
"Yeeee...s!! Wait. I do have a secret... I used to have this one bantal busuk." OH.MY.GOD. Did I just voluntarily give up my own secret?! Nice work, Anis. Great.

"Ok enough analysing my handwriting," I said, trying to change the topic. I wouldn't wanna talk about my bantal busuk, the story is just too tragic and sad.

"Let me analyse YOUR handwriting," I said while taking Kak Lina's letter.

Then I started analysing it like a real pro.
Her handwriting is cursive, big, takes a lot of space, has a lot of curves. Then I looked at her and told her my analysis.

"Your handwriting says that you sometimes don't understand your own handwriting and need to borrow someone else's notebook in order to write a contact report."

After digesting my analysis, Kak Lina looked at me as if she was about to smack the wax out of my ear.
But then, she paused, and said, "True."

See! I don't need a book to help me analyse. Pro. PRO siot!
Come, let me analyse YOUR handwriting.


  1. hadoii..yg last skali tue..hahaha!!!

  2. Kelakar la you Hanis!


  3. here as promised..... :)

    tulisan tangan anda "sangat cantik"..... hahaha

  4. Weina: thanks for reading, Weina! :)

    Zamri: :) hehehe.. thanks! you rock! and yes, memang sangat "cantik". LOL

  5. Hanis,

    Ya crazy woman! I could literally see you while reading this article..

    Lawak la...lawak la..btw, dont let Maam Lina read my h/writting..bocor segala rahsia2 i tauuuu

  6. Nina: hahahahah! habisla you, your signatures terpampang kat cost estimates and media schedules kot! hahahahaha!