Friday, July 12, 2013

Aku dan Cream Crackers di Bulan Puasa

So there I was at work, doing work (oh wow) when my stomach started growling. 

It was the second day of puasa and being a grown woman, I cuti so I couldn't puasa. 

My desk is quite open and people pass by like all the time. 

I glanced at my cream crackers in my handbag. "How do I eat you in this situation?" I said to the crackers.

Then I remembered I brought that Naga sweater I always wore back in Naga. So I put it on, put the hoodie on as well, sneaked that cream crackers into the sweater and zip it up. 

Dengan berhati-hatinya, aku menyeluk mencapai cream crackers yang nampaknya begitu lazat sekali. Looking around and ensuring nobody was there (at least no men), I pulled it out, covered it with my other hand and stuffed the whole cracker into my mouth. Yes, THE WHOLE CRACKER.

So then I covered my mouth using both my hands. Slowly and steadily, I chewed. 

YES! Nobody noticed me! I'm quite good at this. So I took another one and another one... 

It was during my last chew that I looked up the ceiling and saw a CCTV right in front of my face. 


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