Saturday, July 20, 2013

Apabila Anis Derma Darah

So there I was at the masjid, walking towards my car when I saw a blood donation area that they have allocated in the masjid. 

I was like... اللهُ أَكْبَرْ! I have been thinking about donating blood for some time and here it is! I headed straight towards that area and took a form. After checking my blood pressure etc, I went to another counter where I had to hand in the form. 

That kakak looked at me and asked, "Pernah derma darah dah sebelum ni?" 

"Pernah. Sekali. Lama dah," I answered. 

"Ok... Buku bawak?" she asked. 

I never realise how important it is to carry along the derma darah book everywhere with me until then. I, of course, answered, "Tak bawak."

So she gave me a new book. Now I have 2 buku derma darah....with a lot of empty pages. A LOT. Pressure pressure. 

After that kakak gave me my 2nd derma darah book, she directed me to a chair. So I went there, and sat happily. Yes, I was happy to finally be able to donate blood after a long time. 

But...that happiness ended rather quickly. 

Yeah. I saw the nurse holding a needle and coming towards me. 

"Oh noooo!!" I screamed in my head. 'How could you forget that THIS involves needle, Anis? What you think they're gonna magically tap your vein and then blood comes out just like that?! What planet did you come from?!' I was scolding myself. 

I closed one eye, and another one looked at the nurse. 

The nurse looked at me and said, "Genggam tangan bagi kuat sikit. Ini untuk bius ye." 

Whhhaaa...? What? Bius? BIUS? So this needle is not it? There's another needle waiting for me??? 

So after motivating myself that it was not painful and I shouldn't be scared of needle, I did it! 350ml of O blood. 

I left the masjid feeling so blessed الحمد لله. So blessed with the health that Allah swt has given me. When I was filling the form, I am reminded to be thankful to Allah swt even more. Health is something we all tend to take for granted. We forget to thank Allah for the healthy body He gave us, free from sickness and diseases. 

Let us all be thankful to Allah for our health. Let us give back what He has entrusted us in the world. Don't be stingy to donate your blood, because let's face it, it is not yours. It is all Allah's. Give back to those in need for the sake of Allah. Now that, is being thankful. 

My second derma darah book. Tak pasal-pasal ada dua buku. 

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